industrial rabbits study AFTYN

Exploring Alternative Textures

Industrial rabbit free printables came about after viewing some bronze sculptures on lake Awabakal. The sculptures studied the various positions of a stingray as it swims. I begain to think about animals usually considered to be soft and how they would appear with a hard industraial material as a skin.

This yielded this peculiar study in industrial themed rabbits. I worked in Midjourney Pro to come up with some industrial rabbits made from unusual materials such as metals, glass, tile, and various woods. This exploration was interesting and both the Ai and myself made some jumps to different textures. Exploring the softness of a bunny rabbit and including such hard industrial materials makes for a fascinating juxtoposition. Some of the output shows the cuteness of little rabbits with what appears to be almost an armour.

The look at mosaic instead of soft fur also yielded some fun and beautiful results.


Exciting News for All DIY Crafters and Art Enthusiasts Out There!


I’ve been on an extraordinary adventure, pushing the boundaries of creativity with the power of AI art, and I’m thrilled to share with you something truly remarkable. Using Midjourney Pro, I have meticulously crafted a unique collection that reimagines Easter in a modern, industrial light – introducing Industrial Bunnies Unleashed.

This isn’t just another collection of bunny rabbits; this is a revolution.

Each piece in this collection has been constructed with a blend of the most unconventional materials you can think of – think welded spoons, shards of metal, breathtaking glass mosaics, and intricate wireframes. This collection gives Easter a bold, modern, and industrial twist that you never saw coming.

Now, for the most exciting part! These one-of-a-kind images are available for download. This platform is a haven for DIY crafters and art enthusiasts seeking inspiration for personal art or craft projects.  We have free printables for all sorts of uses. You can also check our forum to see the latest information about Ai prompts and other advice to help you create your own at home. We also have tutorials on how to print, which printers work best and how you can use these images to make your own art at home or school. 

Imagine the masterpieces you could create with these industrial-themed bunny images, the possibilities are truly endless!

So, here’s my challenge to you: Dive headfirst into this new realm of creativity. Explore this innovative collection of industrial-themed bunny rabbits, and let your imagination run wild. Use these images in your own creations, push the boundaries of traditional crafting, and see where this journey of creativity takes you.

Remember, this is more than just about creating; it’s about revolutionizing. It’s about turning the conventional on its head and exploring new horizons. It’s about determination, discipline, and the relentless pursuit of something groundbreaking. And most importantly, it’s about sharing this journey with a community that’s as passionate and driven as you are.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace this opportunity, visit the site, download these unique art pieces, and start crafting. Let’s innovate, create, and inspire together.

 This is your moment to shine and show the world the power of creativity mixed with a little bit of industrial flair. Don’t let it pass you by!