How many times has somebody let you down and you have said ‘Thanks For NOTHING”? Well now there is an official way to thank the jerks of the world for being of no assistance whatsoever! Download and print one of my spectacular ‘thanks for nothing’ free thank you card. Each note is designed with ease of use in mind. These instant printables are perfect for any occasion and can be downloaded(PDF) and printed on your home printer for FREE. I have a range of hundreds of designs that are free to use.

Check here to see more thank you cards on different occasions. How many times have you muttered to yourself “thanks for nothing?
I pretty much say this several times each day. In particular when dealing with people who are challenging and who aren’t that interested in giving assisance to others. We all know one of these people don’t we?

Thanks for Nothing - All Free Thank You Notes
Thanks for Nothing - All Free Thank You Notes
Thanks for Nothing - All Free Thank You Notes


So many times I have wanted to say thanks for nothing to somebody who has done the wrong thing..But I always chicken out. What I can do, is print out a thanks for nothing note and mail it to them without a return address. It may not solve the problem, but you might get a good laugh out of it. I am giggling just thinking about it.
These cards can also be printed and used as a joke like an appreciation award for a work event or a comedy skit. There are just so many applications for this type of thing, I know I want to send one to my internet company. They are pretty unhelpful at the best of times, so a ‘Thanks For Nothing’ note in the mail won’t be a shock to them.
So pretty much this type of thank you note is a tongue in cheek type of thing. Some people might not react well to it, but those with a good sense of humor will definitely get a laugh.