The Dying Art of Saying Thank You


If you were to ask the average person if they say thank you, the majority of us say we do. Though you consider yourself as an appreciative person, chances are, you have the idea of writing a thank-you card. Over the years, this once common practice has been lost, but what does it really mean? Are we any less grateful for the kindness that other people visit upon us? Or is this simply an outdated practice that we decided to let go? In this article, The Dying Art of Saying Thank You, we will discuss this common art and what its role looks like in today’s world.

How We Used The Thank You Note


In older times, sending a thank-you note was something that you would do when someone did something nice for you. It was a commonly shared practice that was equal parts important and expected. If someone were to send you a nice present, you would send a thank-you note in return. Even if someone sent you a bad present, you would say thank-you in return because they thought of you. When someone helped you out or made your day, it was completely common to send a note to that individual. So where did things change?


The Original Sentiment Behind the Thank You Note


Even though it’s been considered to send a thank-you note, we tend to regard it differently today. In the past, a thank-you note was used as a genuine expression of gratitude. It meant that you went out of your way to give thanks because they they do something nice for you. This practice was one of those old-fashioned things that people did because it was the right thing to do..

The Dying Art of Saying Thank You

The Modern View of The Thank You Note


In the modern world, a thank-you note is just not common practice. Though there are reasons why this be true, two seem to rise above the rest: obligation and technology evolution. One one hand, most of us recall feeling forced to write thank-you notes. Rather than it being a gesture of gratitude, lots of us doing it because our parents told us to. The magic of this note is to overlook when you miss out to thank someone for a present that you forgot.

Though we missed the point with these notes, it is possible that technology has gotten in the way of them. In this world, writing a note or letter is incredibly uncommon. Everything is digital and the majority of us like it that way. After all, who really wants to send paper given the current changing climate? It is possible that thank-you notes simply got the ax with other forms of written correspondence. No one can really say.

The Dying Art of Saying Thank You



The thank-you note is a practice that without question deserves a little bit of resurrecting. Though you might shoot off a quick text, the fact is that a private note can go a long way. Whether you send a nice digital note, use a template to print off something special. Send it by hand, or you write it on a scrap of paper, it pays to show people a little extra love.