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Welcome to our artist resources page, your go-to destination for a wealth of free tools and materials designed to fuel your creative journey. Whether you’re an aspiring artist seeking guidance or a seasoned creator looking to expand your skill set, you’ll find a diverse array of resources here to inspire and support you.

From tutorials and guides covering various artistic techniques to downloadable templates, reference materials, and beyond, we’re dedicated to empowering artists of all levels to unlock their full potential. Dive in, explore, and let your creativity soar with our collection of invaluable resources—all available at no cost to you.

Some great resources teaching you how to paint and draw for free

Getty Publications Virtual Library

More than 300 of our books to read and download for free


Complimentary educational platform focused on the fundamentals of digital painting. Each concise video addresses a specific concept, enabling you to grasp intricate topics in easily digestible portions.

Alphonso dunn is a youtube art instructor. Great videos showing you essential skills.


Reddit Drawing Resources

This offering presents a complete curriculum tailored for self-taught artists. Delight in a methodical learning journey covering perspective, anatomy, composition, and drawing from imagination, all provided step-by-step—for free or at significantly reduced costs!

If you are looking for free images and other free resources you can use in your art making. 

Art history resources:

Technical Art History
This guide has been created to assist with research in the fields of art conservation and technical art history.

If you are intereested in exibiting, these resources might be of assistance.

Artists Space

Established in 1972, Artists Space has played a significant role in reshaping the institutional and economic dynamics of contemporary art in New York City for over thirty years, providing assistance to both budding concepts and emerging artists.