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COVID-19 Related Thank You Notes

The COVID-19 pandemic happened in the blink of an eye. Pre covid-19, while everyone was preoccupied with their lives — busy with workloads, family, and studies for students, the deadly viral outbreak was more like the plot of an awful movie. When the virus hit us, many countries were forced to shut down and close their doors to contain the virus. Its wildfire-like spreading has put off the burning flames of many people’s way of life, resulting in a significant downturn in their physical and mental health and careers. 


Reasons to be Thankful During the Pandemic

Behind closed doors and outdoors is a constant battle; you protect yourself from infection externally, while you comfort yourself internally– after all, it’s about survival; that’s the reality of life — it also has a job to fulfil. 

Despite the persistence of COVID-19, there are still reasons to be thankful. Being thankful for the little things is often a coping mechanism to keep us going. There is so much to process upon looking back over the past months but focussing on the positives can really help if you are having a rough day. It’s important to thank essential workers and our farmers who kept working and essentially kept our country running during the devastation.

Good health of our family during COVID-19

Staying at home may be mind-numbingly boring as well as being both physically & mentally draining; but, the comfort of your bed is better than hospital beds with ventilators attached to you. 

As the pandemic’s infection cases constantly rise, along with its newly mutated variants, our family’s good health is a big thing to be grateful for.


The essence of working from home

Working from home isn’t for everybody, which we now know. COVID-19 didn’t only depress many people’s health but also every single country’s economic situation. In order to stop the virus from spreading, many businesses had to close their doors while the population was isolated. In some cases, small businesses suffered and there was little to no choice; close the establishment or decrease the number of employees.

If you’re still able to keep your job and continue it at home, it’s as rewarding as having good health. Consider those who work outside the home and the sacrifices they had to make by giving up their incomes to keep us all safe.


Supply Always Meets Demand

It seemed impossible to survive through a strict lockdown during the pandemic’s peak — with fear of infection, scarcity of supplies, and national emotional breakdown. However, the universe always provides and gives help even if we are in our most desperate times. Focus on what you do have and what you can change to try and get through these hard times. /are-gratitude-and-thankfulness-the-same/, even though you might not be where you thought you would be is essential to getting through this with your mental health intact. 


Cohesion and individual talents in your team

To keep your business or job going and working as a cohesive unit is to help one another and other people, even when you’re not in the same office. Flexible working has become the norm and will probably continue to be the norm even after COVID-19 slowly disappears. Many people have had to adjust to working alone inside their homes, many without even a desk to sit at. 

School during the pandemic

Perseverance and commitment to continue school in this trying time are commendable, no matter how stressful and tiring it is to attend several online classes in a day, with loads of requirements to comply. Even those submitting manuscripts and research grants, those mentoring students serving on national organisations: excellent work because not everyone has the privilege to continue school at home.

And of course, appreciation for schools that understand, support and care for the well-being of their students.


Support from family, friends and community

The outpouring of support and appreciation from people around us makes it easier to carry on. Among the good insights of the pandemic is how it unveiled the resilience and selflessness of other people. In many ways it has reinforced our sense of community and brought about many beautiful (and unacknowledged) acts of kindness. 

Expressing love and giving importance to our loved ones

Some things in life used to be taken for granted, things that now take on a unique and special meaning. Physical touch and interaction are difficult now, but perhaps more cohesion and families and a drive towards a shared human experience. 

Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing and hugging the people that matter to you comfortably.

Personal growth and giving back to the community

Growth happens when tested in difficulty, not in comfort. Personal and professional development collide through formative life experiences. The pandemic has made everyone realise the importance of being flexible and adaptive to constant changes and helping out the people around you, not just your family.

Life before the pandemic may seem impossible to obtain, but adapting to the new normal will become more bearable as you move forward. A great way to start is to have a  positive outlook that impacts the overall being and persona. 

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