Thank You Essential Workers

Thank You Essential Workers!

Say thank you to your local essential workers. Those who stay at work to keep us safe deserve us to say thank you. Print out one of our thank you notes and display in your front window to let health care workers and other essential workers, such as tradies that you are thankful for their sacrifice. You can also print some of these thank you notes out and add a handwritten message and give it to an essential worker.


Showing We Care

We are all thankful for essential workers during this awful time. Kids around the world are saying thanks by hanging up hand drawn pictures in their front window and there are many other ways people around the world are saying thank you to essential workers.

Essential workers aren’t just health care professionals. Shop staff, retail staff, public transport drivers, sanitisation staff, cleaners, farmers and those in the food industry, supermarket workers, chemist staff, IT and those who keep our computers and networks running, postal staff, those working in government departments and hospital and other health workers including admin. Thank you for your efforts and for your sacrifices. We appreciate it.

Who are Essential Workers?

Before we get into COVID-19, it’s important that we take a moment to thank essential workers in our country. Many people in essential roles go without praise or attention; that’s especially true during natural disasters and virus outbreaks like the current COVID-19 virus outbreak around the world. The truth is, if these individuals didn’t perform their duties, many aspects of life would come crashing down. We are all so thankful. Hospitals couldn’t function without nurses. Grocery stores wouldn’t be stocked with food—and that means no one could eat. People couldn’t get to work without bus drivers ferrying them across town. The list goes on and on! Let’s give credit where credit is due! When someone does an outstanding job, let them know they did great—or even offer them your sincere gratitude over social media. You never know what kind of impact words can have. Even a cute GIF would be better than ignoring the situation all together.


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Thank You Essential Workers - All Free Thank You Notes
Thank You Essential Workers - All Free Thank You Notes
Thank You Essential Workers - All Free Thank You Notes
Thank You Essential Workers - All Free Thank You Notes
Thank You Essential Workers - All Free Thank You Notes


COVID-19 has shown us that we rely on certain workers and farmers in order for our society to run efficiently. Our idea of an essential worker has changed since the virus has ripped through our society. Supermarket workers, ambulance drivers, fire people, truck drivers, bus and train drivers, restaurant delivery drivers, nurses and doctors, farmers, chemists and cleaners have all become essential to keeping things running while we all isolate during the worst of the virus. These workers have become essential and without them, we would not have been able to survive the virus.

 What does it Even Mean?

COVID stands for Community Overwhelming Influenza Virus. It is not a new virus, but rather a term used by the World Health Organization to describe community members who are essential for preventing life from becoming difficult in times of emergency. These essential workers include teachers, nurses, doctors, firefighters, law enforcement officers and utility workers. In many instances it is necessary for people in these occupations to come into contact with other citizens on a regular basis – making them vulnerable targets of infection during an outbreak. The COVID virus can also cause severe illness in these individuals if they have any pre-existing health problems, such as asthma or heart disease. For that reason, all those considered essential workers should be vaccinated against seasonal influenza each year as a preventative measure against contracting that illness.

Why Say Thank You To Strangers?

Saying thank you is a nice, polite way to show other people that you care. Not just to your friends and neighbours or work colleagues, but to random people on the street. If somebody opens a door for you, it’s polite to thank them. If a kid picks up the thing you dropped to save your back, say thanks. The same goes for other situations where people have gone out of their way to make life easier for you. Often times common decency is overlooked and saying a heartfelt thank you is something quite rare and beautiful. We are pretty big on being decent here at all free thank you notes so thats why this whole site is dedicated to saying thank you. If you wanted to hang up a free printable poster to remind everybody of the good work some people are doing, then there is plenty of choice here. From beautiful bright rainbows, to cute kids designs, there is plenty to choose from.

How do I Use the Free Thank You Notes & Printables?

You can click on the image you like and a PDF will open where you can easily print it from your home printer. We have made saying thank you super easy, beautiful and fun with a huge range of different thank you notes for any occasion. Saying thank you is a big part of being human. Feeling grateful for something another person has done is very powerful


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