School teachers are the unsung heroes of our childrens lives. They teach our children to read and write, spell and do mathematics. And what reward to they get (besides school holidays)? Very little. Why not change this by giving your child’s teacher a spectacular thank you note card next time you see him/her? It’s so easy! Just choose a thank you note from the vast array below, download the PDF and print it out on your home printer, then put in a personal message (and a cheque if you are feeling generous) and deliver to your child’s teacher at your earliest convenience. Imaging how special he/she will feel after receiving a lovely thank you note such as this? Go on. Make their day. Check here to see more thank you cards on different occasions.

thank you teachers note black white with heart
thank you teacher note floral circle pink green


It’s customary at the end of the year to give your childs teacher a gift. We all know that they deserve so much, but often we are on a very tight budget and are unable to spare any extra cash, particularly around Christmas or birthdays. I always buy my kids teachers alcohol gift cards, because I know they must really need it at the end of the day. I usually print out a thank you note and puy it in the envelope with the gift card. Teachers do so much for our children, they are some of the most important workers we have and we need to apprecite them much more than we do already. A thank you note is a good way to let your childs teacher know you see them and you appreciate them. Even if you can’t afford to buy them expensive gifts, a personal touch like a thank you note will go a long way to passing along your message.