When somebody gives you a gift it is always nice to say thank you. Saying thank you at the time of the gift giving is a good start, but what about a thank you note or card to follow up the initial thank you? Let the person know that you are appreciative of the gift that they have given you by downloading and printing a free thank you note or card fro  allfreethankyounotes has a MASSIVE RANGE OF FREE THANK YOU NOTES that you can use as you please, as long as you don’t infringe my copyright. Try one of my free printables today! A lovely range of free stationary that you can print out right from your home printer for instant use. Try one today, you have nothing to lose, its FREE!



A handwritten note is a great way to let people know you are grateful for whatever gift they gave you. Giving a gift is sometimes a big sacrifice for some people. I remember my kids being invited to kids parties at school and I was barely making ends meet, and suddnely I had to find the money to buy a kid i’d never met a $30 gift. So you never know what people had to do to spare the money to buy your gift, so a thank you note delivered personally really makes a bit impact on people.