Greeting cards are best when they’re made with love. Surprise your loved ones with your very own DIY cards and make them feel extra special. A little traditional handwritten letter in a do-it-yourself card will go a long way more than you’ve ever realized!

If you wanna start simple, grab inspiration from 5 Minute Crafts! Their channel has tons of DIY videos to choose from, but this one is what we recommend when you want to be extra fancy with your cards:

A pull-tab origami style birthday card would be so cute too! All you need is paper, colored markers, and a fair bit of folding. Be creative and design this however you want it to. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

When you wanna leave sweet little messages and images in a good looking and pocket-sized card, waterfall cards are perfect. Based on your choice of pictures the finished product can be vintage, aesthetic, cute or minimal. You can make it kpop themed, or even better – use your own art and drawings to make it uniquely yours. Waterfall cards are super easy and fun to make paper craft.

Running out of time to buy a Valentine’s Day card for your special someone? Get creative and try making this DIY Magic Camera Card for a handmade gift. 

If you aren’t the type who writes sweet letters but still wants to give something sweet, try making this surprise explosion box filled with chocolates and other sweet snacks. 

Send love to your BFF with this DIY friendship card! Show your best friend how important he/she is with something that’s handmade and full of effort. 

When Father’s Day is around the corner, show Dad/Papa/Pops/ETC your appreciation with a simple and classy DIY Father’s Day greeting card.

Speaking of dads, your mom will love this easy-to-make DIY Mother’s Day card by Asma Art and Ideas: 

If you are interested in making a zero-waste card that will touch anyone’s heart, try this DIY aesthetic card tutorial.⁠ Made of 100% compostable materials: recycled paper + flowers of your choice!

Spread the Love with a Simple DIY Card

No matter the occasion, a greeting card is the perfect way to show your appreciation towards another. Whether it’s for your spouse, your bff, or even to a stranger or someone you just met, cards are a great way to express your love and sincerity. 

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