Sometimes, we need people to just be with us. Whether we are going through something and don’t want to be alone, we are frightened, we have lost a loved one or have had a bad break up, sometimes it’s just nice to have somebody come and sit with us. In situations like this, just saying thank you seems inadequate. Flowers and gifts are also a bit generic, especially when the friend has spent large blocks of time with you.  



A thank you note is a lovely way to say thank you on a more personal level. 



The thank you notes below can be used to show your gratitude in these special situations. My thank you notes can be used as a template and you can write your own personal message. Simply choose a ‘thank you for being there’ note and print it out on your home printer or download it as PDF. Think about what you want to say and then hand write it on the space in the card. A heart felt note can go a long way to saying ‘thank you’ to friends or loved ones. You will find the receiver of your note will be very pleased that you have taken the time to hand write to for them on my lovely stationary. Check here to see more thank you cards on different occasions.


If somebody has gone above and beyond the call for you, then it’s a really nice gesture to thank them. Being grateful is lost on so many people. You will be so surprised at the emotional response you will get by showign somebody you are thankful for their effort. So print out a thank you note and give it to the person and see hwo it pans out.