Workplaces are funny things. You have to be careful not to upset the balance and make sure everybody is happy to ensure a harmonious workplace. If somebody does something nice for you in the workplace, then it is essential to say thank you in an appropriate way. A thank you note is a great way to go. My designs can be used as notes or cards. Thanks for not firing me, and humoruos office stationery is the name of the game with my workplace thank you notes and cards. There are not many places where you can download and print free work thank you notes on the internet, and this is why my website is so unique. My thankyou stationery is FREE to download and print from home. Use as many free thankyou cards as you need.
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If you are being bullied in the workplace it can be a really awful thing. Be sure to talk it over with somebody to come up with a good way to get out of the situation. Be thankful for the people you work with who are good to you, and try and keep away from those who don’t treat you like the queen you are.

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