The world has seemed to slow to a stop for many people. The coronavirus has sparked concerned and stay-at-home orders from almost every country. However, essential workers are still out on the frontlines making sure people like us get the things we need.

An essential worker can be anyone from a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, gas station attendant, and a grocery store employee. These are the people who keep things running, take care of the sick, and make sure the hungry are fed.

Being an essential worker during this time is scary and can also feel like a thankless job. That’s why people from around the world are coming together to say ‘thank you’ to these brave human beings. Keep reading below to find out the different ways each country is thanking essential workers.

Thanking Essential Workers and Why Its Important

Some people have questioned why it’s important to express gratitude to essential workers when they are “just doing their job”. However, it is much more than that. Every single type of essential worker right now is currently overworked, stressed, tired, and filled with anxiety about catching a potentially deadly virus.

Those on the frontlines, such as doctors and nurses are often praised during this time but they are so over capacity both figuratively and literally that they are struggling. Often forgot behind them are other essential workers such as the postal workers, manufacturers, certain retail workers, fast food workers, garbagemen, and more.

Everyone is having a hard time right now and it’s important that those who are putting their lives on the line to make sure we are taken care of are given our appreciation.


Are you looking for ideas for thanking essential workers? We have beautiful, quick, and easy templates already made for you! All you need to do is select the one you like, print it out, and then you can add your own handwritten note. From there you can mail or even hang it up in your window to show your appreciation to all essential workers that may stop by to help. If you’re wondering how the rest of the world is thanking essential workers, keeping reading on!

How Different Countries are Thanking Essential Workers

How the World is Thanking Essential Workers - All Free Thank You Notes

The citizens of several different countries from around the world are banding together to express their gratitude in unique ways. Here is what Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US) are currently doing.


 Australia has been creative and proactive in finding different ways of thanking essential workers. Many residents are actively participating in a “pay it forward” type of campaign. This is where meals are paid in advance for essential workers at restaurants that are then delivered to them. For example, Brisbane started a campaign called Feed the Frontline aimed at doing just that. Light Unite Australia was also a huge success but other residents have continued on the celebration by dancing for healthcare workers to say thank you.

New Zealand

New Zealand has been working hard to thank its essential workers. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern started the #RaiseAGlassNZ campaign, which asked citizens to raise a glass to celebrate their essential workers. Ardern also named the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy as essential workers but gave parents a little help by warning children they may be too busy to stop by this year. Many restaurants around the country are also offering free meals to essential workers as well as accepting donations to help pay for them. Even children have found a way to pitch in by creating drawings and writing notes to say thank you.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has been very loud and proud in their appreciation of essential workers. Residents have been encouraged by the Clap for our Carers campaigned. During this time citizens go outside of their homes or on the rooftops to clap, bang pots, and make noise to show their gratitude to the UK National Health Service (NHS) and other essential workers. Another way people have been thanking essential workers is by placing rainbows in their windows which trended under the hashtag #ChasetheRainbow. Placing rainbows and other signs in the window to show your support and gratitude is a great way to participate.

The United States

Finally, the United States has also been working hard in thanking essential workers. Many restaurants are offering free meals to essential workers as well as donating needed supplies to local hospitals. There have also been several live streaming concerts from major musicians at their home performing for donations. Several states such as the hard-hit New York have been clapping out their windows every Friday at 7pm. Many citizens have also started to work together to place signs, teddy bears, and other positive imagery in their windows to thank essential workers who may stop by.

Make Sure to Thank Your Local Essential Workers

How the World is Thanking Essential Workers - All Free Thank You Notes

If you want to get involved there are many things you can do, too! Even if your state or country isn’t participating in a weekly clap or cheer, you can thank essential workers every day with just a simple sign or note to lift their spirits. We have several wonderful templates available for you to choose from to make it even easier. Though it is up to you what you write, don’t feel obligated to write anything long or complicated. A simple note to say thank you and express your good wishes is enough to brighten someone’s day. Our essential workers need to know they are appreciated. It can really help keep them going through these difficult times.

Interested in getting your own Thank You Essential Workers templates to print out? Click here to get started. Once you find one you like, print it out, write a simple message on it, then hang it up in your window for all to see.