The GIF has had its day in the sun as an Internet-only phenomenon, but now gifs took over as fully integrated into pop culture and social media as we know it. Social media platforms have embraced the GIF with open arms, and even major news outlets are using them to tell stories and communicate with readers on their websites and social media channels. But just how did the GIF get to this point? How did it become one of the most widely used digital tools in history? And what does this mean for social media users who want to take advantage of this powerful tool?

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Different types of gifs

There are all sorts of GIFs out there. Some are cute, some are funny, and some are just plain weird. But one thing is for sure: they’re all over the internet, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. 

A very basic type of gif is an animated gif, which loops a small clip or animation that you can watch again and again. Sometimes a single gif will capture multiple emotions in it’s short looped animation. These are usually from reaction images or video clips that have been turned into GIFs (for example when someone slips on ice). Other times, a gif might be more simplistic in nature, such as a change in colors between two words or phrases. Regardless of what type they may be, it’s always entertaining to find new ones on your social media feeds!

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The Anatomy of a Good Gif

When it comes to creating a successful gif, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, make sure the visuals are eye-catching and easy to understand at a glance. Second, choose a subject that is timely and relevant to your audience. Third, keep the gif short and sweet – no one wants to watch a lengthy animation. Fourth, add some text to help explain the context of the gif. Fifth, make sure the mood of the gif matches what you’re trying to convey or say. Finally, be as specific as possible with regards to who you want to target with this gif (celebrities? groups of people? just yourself?). Once you’ve got these five steps down pat, you’ll be ready for an onslaught of likes and retweets!


Why Are They So Popular?

GIFs are the perfect way to express a reaction or feeling without using any words. They are also great for conveying a joke or funny moments. And since they are short and easy to create, they have become very popular on social media platforms like Twitter and Tumblr. For many people, they have even become an important part of pop culture. Because of this increasing popularity, more companies are creating software that will allow you to easily create your own GIFs to share with friends.


Where Do I Find Good Gifs?

GIFs have been around for a while, but it wasn’t until social media that they really took off. These days, GIFs are everywhere. They’re used to communicate emotions and reactions, to tell stories, and to make people laugh. But where do you find the best GIFs? All Free Thank You Notes has a huge range of free GIFs to download and use in any way you want. All of their images are high quality, made by creatives with clear talent who care about what they do.

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Tips For Using Them On Social Media & Beyond

GIFs are a great way to add some personality to your social media posts, and they can also be a fun way to communicate with friends and family. Here are some tips for using GIFs on social media

1) Use them in moderation. Not every post needs one! 

2) Don’t overuse them in conversation; it’s like having too many exclamation points!!! 

3) Consider whether or not the person you’re sending it to will get the reference. (Some may need context!) 

4) Try changing up how you use them by adding them as an overlay on photos, videos, etc.


Using GIF’s to say Thank You

When it comes to social media, a picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes, you just can’t find the right emoji to express how you’re feeling. That’s where GIFs come in. A thank you gif is perfect for social media when somebody says a nice comment. You’ll never have to type out thanks again! It makes sense why people are using GIFs more on social media; they’re fun, easy to use, and so versatile. Whether you want to show excitement or let someone know that they made your day better, there’s a gif for that.