Nothing is more humbling than a heartfelt thank you. Think about it—what does it really take to say thank you? And yet, for many of us, it’s a chore. Saying thank you has been something people have excelled at for centuries, but our society seems to be in a bit of a rut when it comes to offering gratitude for help and support. However, there are plenty of reasons why you should start saying thank you again. Not to mention saying thank you to essential workers who have kept the economy moving during the pandemic of 2020/2021.

Here are just three that will make an immediate impact on your life!

2 Ways To Say Thank You More Often:

Pay it forward.

The easiest way to encourage others to recognize your contribution is by recognizing theirs. Whether or not someone actually provides you with genuine aid, if they do so with enthusiasm or effort, acknowledge them with thanks; their recognition encourages yours!


Write Notes

While expressing your appreciation verbally can definitely have its benefits, sometimes you need to show those who inspire or assist you how grateful you are. Notes work great as a vehicle for personal expression because you can write down thoughts and feelings that might otherwise go unsaid, leaving behind a lasting impression on those who matter most.

Perfecting Your Thank-You Note:

The key to crafting a memorable thank-you note lies in showing real thoughtfulness, where you can leave a long-lasting impression with your next handwritten note of gratitude. Adding a small hand made gift to your note can also lift the spirits of the person you are sending to. 

Every one of us has our troubles to deal with, but sadly, not many people see that. And that’s okay; your problems don’t always have to be out there for everyone to see. It’s crucial, however, to at least acknowledge this fact and respect what people go through every day. You’ll never know how simple gestures and a small ‘thank you’ can brighten up someone’s day.

In the past, people used to send thank-you notes and small gifts to people when they did good deeds. It was a form of showing good manners and appreciation. While some people may seem to knowingly or unknowingly be rude or act rude, these simple gestures were one way of spreading positivity around.

The beauty of saying thank you - All Free Thank You Notes

Why are some people rude, then?

One plausible reason some people are rude nowadays is that they probably don’t realise they’re rude. People unknowingly redirect their anger about personal issues towards you or someone else. Your perception can then translate that as rudeness. But know that not everyone wants to be rude; some act rude because they’re in an environment where their manners are accepted. Being rude has become their coping mechanism. But counteracting that rude attitude with kindness may help bring the person to their senses and change how they express their emotions towards you. 

And then some people are just plain rude. They’re aware of what they’re doing, and they love doing it. They want to be ahead of everything. Since most interactions happen online these days, some people don’t care if they’re rude as long as they get their message across. Twitter is a great example of this. But this isn’t a healthy way to communicate your thanks. It’s essential to respect the person’s feelings and understand what they are going through. Because as surprising as it is, rude people need help.

A simple ‘Thank You’ can be Enough

When someone has concerns and acts rudely towards you, say thanks in an even tone instead of raising your voice. By doing this, you’re showing that you understand the concerns and want to address them. Bring to attention how their behaviour is affecting you and them too. Please treat them with the same respect you treat everybody else. You’ll find them calming down after and getting themselves snap back to normal. 

This advice doesn’t just apply in face-to-face communication; it applies to online communication as well. While someone may read “thanks” in a rude tone, thank-you GIFs may help make it sound better. Our website has tons of colourful thank-you GIFs and note cards you can use in most situations. From kids designs, to ones you can use at work, or to thank essential workers during the COVID outbreak.. You may never know how a simple ‘thank you is more than enough.

The beauty of saying thank you - All Free Thank You Notes

Manners Do Matter: Why It’s Important to Say Thank You

The famous British author P.G. Wodehouse once said, Manners are just habits you haven’t yet got used to, which basically means that good manners are not only about being polite, but also about being considerate of others, because what may seem normal to you could actually be offensive to others. This is very true when it comes to the oft-forgotten art of saying thank you.

We all know that manners do matter, but they can actually come in handy when you’re trying to boost your career. Saying thank you is more than just saying thank you; it’s about keeping an open mind and not judging too quickly. Letting someone know you appreciate their help can be instrumental in your climb up that corporate ladder. The Power of a Thank-You Note: So what should you write in those notes? A lot has been written on how much impact even a brief handwritten note has over something as simple as typing out a thank you for coming to dinner! email. If you want to get ahead, remember to say thank you—as often as possible. It might seem overly formal or stilted at first, but if everyone did so consistently we could all be better off with it.