Thanks a Lot, is it sarcastic or not? Sarcasm is using words to either mock or annoy someone, or for comic relief. In simple words, it means to speak in a bitter tone. The main gist of sarcasm is that the words are not meant to be taken literally. 

So when is a simple ‘thank you‘ considered sarcastic? It always depends on the situation. One of the biggest factors to sarcasm is the tone of your voice. The key is to sound as obnoxious as possible. You need to strike a line between sincerity and mockery. 

Here are some sarcastic ‘thank you’ phrases to try:

  • Finally I can rest easy tonight.”
  • “If it wasn’t for you, well…”
  • I can’t thank you enough.
  • “Thanks for nothing.”
  • “Your generosity leaves me speechless.”
  • “You’re a friggin’ genius!”
  • “My hero!”
  • “Oh thank you. You shouldn’t have. No, seriously, you SHOULDN’T have.”
  • “You’re brilliant!”
  • “Thanks for being annoyingly perfect.”
  • “You’re like a diamond in the rough—wait, no, that’s me—thank you for always helping to polish me up a little. I need it.”
  • “In a world of bad guys, you’re one of the good guys. Shocking, because most of the time you fit right in as a bad guy. Thanks.”
  • “So you did something wonderful, thanks.”
  • “All you do is help, help and help. Aren’t you tired of being dependable?”
  • “Thanks for the help. That’s all you’re getting, a mouth full of thanks.”
  • “See, helping me wasn’t all that bad.”
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It’s all about the Delivery

A lot of sarcasm is about the delivery. Without the smirk, straight face, raised eyebrows, or rolled eyes it is not quite the same. You need to hear the tone of voice or the inflection at the right time to bring it all together. Is somebody at work giving you the irrits and you really want to feel better about it? Did you significant other forget valentines day…again? Then sarcasm may be for you.

When you want to be true to your words however, you need to say ‘thank you’ not only with your tone, but with your eyes too. That way, the other person won’t feel you’re mocking him/her, but that you’re actually genuine. Stay cool and say your thanks with as much sincerity as possible.

We all know that manners do matter, but they can actually come in handy when you’re trying to boost your career. Saying thank you is more than just saying thank you; it’s about keeping an open mind and not judging too quickly. Letting someone know you appreciate their help can be instrumental in your climb up that corporate ladder. The Power of a Thank-You Note: So what should you write in those notes? 


Thanks a lot - Is it sarcastic