AI technology has become a significant force in our daily lives, impacting so many industries, including the graphic industry. Microsoft Bing’s AI image generator, known as Bing Image Creator, utilises an advanced version of the DALL-E model from OpenAI. This tool revolutionises the creative process, making it faster and more accessible, transforming ideas into reality quickly.

Bing Image Creator: How does it Work?

Image Creator from Microsoft Designer is an advanced AI platform. To meet your expectations, Microsoft integrates the state-of-the-art DALL-E 3 from OpenAI to power its AI image generator.

In the latest version, significant improvements have been made, including superior image quality, enhanced prompt processing precision, and more refined details in the generated images.

❗ The tool has been renamed from

Bing Image Creator to

Image Creator from Microsoft Designer.❗

You can access this AI tool here: ➡️

It’s as straightforward as chatting with ChatGPT— you describe the scene you want to create by providing a prompt in the box.


Bing Image Creator is free to use. It is the new alternative to using DALL-E 3 directly, making it a popular choice. Unlike DALL-E, which is now pay-per-use, Bing Image Generator offers a similar service without any charges.

However, Bing has usage limits which are measured in “boosts.” You will notice the boosts on the description bar. Each boost produces an image instantly, but once used up, you will have to wait longer for your image to be generated.

Even though it requires some patience, Bing Image Creator allows unlimited free image generation. You can purchase more boosts if you want your images faster.

How to Use Bing Image Creator

Getting started with generating images is quick and easy – it’s free, with no waitlist, and no browser restrictions.

Here’s what you need:

  • A computer with an internet connection to access Image Creator on the Designer site.
  • A Microsoft Bing account (easy to create, and no OpenAI account is necessary).

Ready to create your image? Let’s follow a comprehensive step-by-step guide on using Bing Image Creator.

1. Visit the Bing AI Image Generator site and log in.


(Note: Microsoft Edge is not required. You can use any browser. Just go to, then click on “Join & Create” to log in with your Microsoft account and open the Bing AI generator.)

2. Input Your Instructions for AI Image Generation


Now, enter your instructions in the top text box with as much detail as possible for the best outcomes. After describing, click the “Create” button and wait for your AI-generated images.

Alternatively, click “Surprise Me,” and a random prompt will automatically appear in the text box. You can use that as it is, or edit it and press ‘create’ again.

3. View AI-Created Images


After a brief wait, Bing will produce an image using the text you entered. Each image creation uses 1 credit.

You can see all your AI-made images in the “Creation” section, which provides details like prompts, image format, and size for each image.

4. Save Your AI-Created Image


If you like the AI-generated image, click on it to enlarge it and you will see the “Share,” “Save,” or “Download” icon to the right. Use these to download your image to save it on your device. You can continue to generate images using the same prompt, or you can modify your prompt to change your output images.

You can also improve the image by clicking the “Customise” button and going to the “Microsoft Design” page. Describe the changes you want in the AI design tool. This is an option for the more experienced user.

After a short wait, check the design displayed in the right box. Choose the design you like, and proceed to download or customise it further until you are happy with the result.

Tips for Better Bing AI Image Generation

Creating images with Bing Image Creator is a versatile process, similar to interacting with an AI chatbot like ChatGPT. The key is to input a prompt that guides the AI on your desired image.


Here’s how to write effective prompts for Bing AI Image creation: 


  • Engage with AI Chatbots: Practice crafting creative and precise prompts using ChatGPT or Bing AI Chat to enhance your image creation experience.
  • Use Clear Language: Choose clear and concise language to instruct Bing effectively while maintaining readability.
  • Employ a Descriptive Format: Structure prompts with adjectives, nouns, verbs, and style details, such as colors, shapes, and compositions, for a more detailed image description.
  • Incorporate Keywords: Include specific keywords related to your image concept in your prompts to guide the AI accurately.
  • Learn from Examples: Study examples of prompt texts to understand how they influence the image generation process and gain insights.
  • Explore Styles: Experiment with changing backgrounds and colors to find the best visual aesthetics for your image.


Is Bing Image Creator the same as DALL-E?

The Microsoft Bing image generator uses the advanced DALL-E 3 model, distinguishing it from DALL-E 2, another powerful AI image generator from OpenAI. These tools differ not only in their interfaces but also in the types of AI-generated images they produce.

Unlike DALL-E 2, Bing’s AI image generator is particularly good at creating paint, 3D render, and realistic images. If you’re looking for hyper-realistic visuals, Bing is the recommended choice. However, for cartoon and other image types, DALL-E 2 is more suitable.

In summary, both Bing image generator and DALL-E 2 have their own strengths and weaknesses. Your choice should be based on the specific needs of your image creation, considering factors like image types and desired effects.

Are Bing Image Creator images copyrighted?

As per the Terms of Use, Bing Image Creator limits the usage of generated images to personal, non-commercial purposes, prohibiting their use in commercial activities.

In fact, the copyright status of AI-generated images is uncertain. The US Copyright Office notes that these images lack protection because they are authored by non-human entities.

The US Copyright Office is organising listening sessions to delve deeper into the matter and explore potential adjustments, suggesting that there might be changes in the copyright regulations.

How can I use Bing Copilot?

You have two options to interact with Copilot:

If you choose the second option, you can easily access Copilot through the Edge browser sidebar by clicking on the Copilot icon located at the top right. This flexibility lets you pick the method that suits your preferences for accessing and using Copilot’s features.

What advantages does Copilot Pro offer?

For a monthly fee of $20, Copilot Pro provides several benefits over the free version:


  • Improve AI image creation with faster generation, improved quality, and a landscape format.
  • Enjoy a significant increase in daily boosts, now at 100 compared to the previous 25 per week.
  • Gain access to superior assistance, personalised suggestions, and priority access to the latest features, including Copilot GPTs.
What are Boosts in Bing Image Creator?

Each Bing Image Creator account receives 100 Boosts for free, which serve as credits for generating images. Each prompt used for image creation consumes one boost.

Currently, Image Creator from Designer is still free, but users can choose to buy extra boosts for extended usage.

Is there a waitlist for Bing Image Creator?

No, there’s no wait or need to join a waitlist to use Image Creator from Designer. Just log in to the website using your Microsoft account, and you’ll have instant access to this powerful image generation tool.