Some say handwriting is outdated. In today’s digital age, online communication is the norm and ball pens are becoming less popular. Texting and chatting are most definitely the faster way of communicating. And yet, there is always something beautiful about a handwritten letter.

Letter writing is such a wonderful journey.

The thought of a piece of paper holding all your feelings in is a magical thing. When you pick up a pen, find a nice piece of paper, and start writing what’s in your head, filling it with your emotions, it’s almost therapeutic. It boosts your creativity, too.

Making a handwritten letter feels like everything else around you slows down, giving you much time to think about how you want to deliver your message properly.

Handwriting is sacred, almost.

It’s telling a story, it’s sharing a piece of yourself. It’s a very personal process. As you write down what you feel, you come into a sense of reflection. Your personality emerges as well. Writing a letter for somebody shows how much you deeply care for them.

Letters are powerful…

…and they’re worth keeping and reading over again, no matter when you’re writing for yourself 10 years from now, or you’re letting a loved one know how much you love him or her. Handwriting is such a huge breath of fresh air. A thank you letter can be pulled out time and time again and reread. As people age, they enjoy these memories from the past which help them with loneliness and take them back to a time when perhaps they had more loved ones around them.

Letters carry a lot of meaning to them.

The mere fact that you want to write someone a letter already speaks volumes as to how much you cherish your relationship with the receiver. Of course, texts and chats deliver a similar expression, you can fit a lot of words into an email, but a letter has weight – literally and figuratively. Texts and chats can disappear into bits and bytes, however with letters, you can feel them, and actually have a hold of the sender’s feelings and thoughts.

Letters are almost like gifts, wrapping around the words for you. Most of all, letters make you feel loved and cared for.

Are you excited to write again?

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Handwritten Mail - All Free Thank You Notes

Why handwriting letters is still important

There are plenty of ways to send messages to friends and family across the country. You can email them, text them, or even give them a call on your smartphone. Some people see these modern forms of communication as an effective replacement for the time-honored tradition of writing letters to express yourself, but there are still plenty of reasons why handwritten letters are so important.

It’s Personal

No matter how much email and text messaging dominates our communication, handwritten letters are special because they aren’t digitized. As such, writing a letter by hand gives you an opportunity to be extra thoughtful and unique with your words. Handwritten notes show that you really put some thought into what you wrote—it’s not just something hastily scrawled in between meetings. This person will feel more connected to you because of it.

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or time-consuming, but putting pen to paper shows thoughtfulness on your part—something we could all use a little more of these days. Some of my most treasured memories from growing up were from getting notes from my dad during his trips away from home for work. I remember he always made sure to take time at night or early morning before going off for his next trip to write us a note on hotel stationary explaining where he was going and when he would return.

It Teaches Creativity

Even if it’s not perfect, writing by hand requires more creativity than using a keyboard to send off an email. That extra creativity leads to better content. Yes, better content leads to stronger relationships. Stronger relationships lead to more business opportunities for you and your company. What could be better?

One of my favorite things about handwritten notes or cards is that they aren’t at all electronic; there are no zeros and ones to get in between me and what I was thinking when I wrote them down. What could be better than a handwritten note from someone you care about to let them know you are extremely thankful? It reminds me that even in a digital world, there is still a lot of value in personal interactions with people—even if it’s just a hand-written thank you note, which you can find hundreds on this site which you can use for free.


It Will Help Improve your Handwriting

Part of writing a letter by hand is that it forces you to slow down and focus on your penmanship. Not only will you be able to improve your penmanship, but also you’ll be improving your ability to capture all of your thoughts in a thoughtful and thoughtful manner, rather than always relying on an email or text message. If you’re looking for ways to show someone how much they mean to you, pick up a pen and let them know in person with a handwritten letter or note. It really can’t be beat! So don’t give up those pens just yet; there are still plenty of uses for them out there.

Practice Makes Perfect

Some might assume that in today’s digital age of email and texting, pen and paper no longer matter. But if you want to come across as thoughtful and sincere, writing a letter by hand can do more than just get your message across; it also helps you think through what you want to say before sharing it with someone. If you are feeling really snazzy, you can also try your hand at some paper crafts, which can really up the ante when it comes to note giving. Some of these DIY paper crafts are beautiful and relatively easy to make. 

Handwritten Mail - All Free Thank You Notes