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All About Me

Firstly, I am a real person. I am a mother from Sydney Australia. I am online a lot and love the internet and all the amazing things it can be used for...However, I am constantly frustrated with websites that say their products are FREE.  So, what is 'free' and what does it mean in web-speak?
As far as I am concerned, free is free. No catches, no signing up for rubbish and no submitting your email address so it can be sold to countless mailing lists resulting in years of junk email. So usually FREE isn't really free because there is always a catch..... (making them absolutely NOT FREE). Sometimes you are in a hurry and just want to locate what you need, download it and go about your business without having to join up to a mailing list, take a survey or promise your first born to some shifty website owner.

After getting so tired of all the sites that bombard you with pop ups and annoying advertising that pops up in front of the page content, and getting so angry when the site claims it is FREE but I have to jump through hoops to get the free stuff......


I decided to make a site that is absolutely FREE


And thus was born...
I do not want your email address, you do not need to join some crazy membership club and you will not download any nasty viruses or other rubbish from my website. I offer you some fabulous thank you notes for you to use for free, no strings attached. You can download and print as many as you like, whenever you like, as many times as you like. You can give them to friends and family and you can come back time and time again to get thank you notes to use for saying thanks to anybody. You are welcome to use my thank you notes as long as you do not infringe my copyright.

So welcome to my website! I am an Australian mother who likes to make thank you notes and Ihappy that you decided to visit my site and download and print some. I also have another website called which has a stunning range of free invitations, exactly like the thank you notes you find on this site. Be sure to check it out.
You can browse by category in the space to the left. You can see I have thank you notes for most occasions or reasons. There are thank you for the gift, thank you for coming, thanks for helping and even thanks for nothing haha. Sometimes it is difficult to get specialised thank you notes and cards like the ones I offer, so please feel free to tell your friends about my cool site. Each note is in PDF format so you will have to have Adobe reader installed on your computer. If you have not then you can get it here.

I am adding to the range of thank you notes all the time so be sure to come back each time you have a party or any other event or thing that you need to say thank you for. We have a massive range of hundreds of thank you notes and cards that you can use for any occasion or reason. Feel free to print as many as you need!
If you need a card, simply print on a thicker grade paper! So easy!

Simply find thank you note that you like, and print it. Easy!