7 Gratitude Mantras to Live By

Gratitude mantras can help you feel more grateful for what you have, and make you less likely to lose focus on the good things in your life, even when faced with difficult situations. A gratitude mantra can be a helpful tool to use when you’re going through a rough time, whether it’s a bad day at work or an argument with your significant other, and it can also help you maintain positivity when things are going great.

In this article, we’ll look at seven different mantras that have been found to improve overall well-being and happiness when repeated regularly.


What is a Gratitude Mantra?

A gratitude mantra is a simple, repeated phrase that allows you to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. It’s an easy way to reprogram your brain so that it spends more time thinking about what you’re grateful for in life instead of what you fear or are disappointed by.

An interesting fact is that, with practice, it’s possible for people who have experienced trauma to lose their fear response when they hear words that they associate with their worst experiences. A gratitude mantra can be used in a similar manner—it reminds you of all you have going on in your life and helps keep your mind off any worries or fears you may have. 


When I wake up I will say thank you - 7 Gratitude Mantras - All Free Thank You Notes
I'm Thankful For Another Day - 7 Gratitude Mantras - All Free Thank You Notes

7 Gratitude Mantras to Live By

What better way to live than one day at a time? To help make that happen, use one of these seven gratitude mantras: 


1) When I wake up, I will say thank you. 

2) I’m thankful for another day. 

3) What I think today will determine my happiness tomorrow. 

4) My past does not equal my future. 

5) Right now I am grateful and happy! 

6) Today, right now, it is OK to feel great! 

7) Whatever happens, happens for a reason.


Who Needs a Gratitude Mantra?

Most commonly in yoga and meditation, a mantra is a sound, word or phrase that you can repeat in your mind during practice. Its purpose is to shift focus and concentration. A mantra could be something simple like I am strong or it could be something complex like Om-Kara-Shunyam-Karaha (AUM). The idea behind mantras is that if you say them over and over again, you begin to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

However, by saying a mantra over and over again — especially when we’re practicing yoga — we allow our minds and bodies to reach deep states of consciousness and focus by clearing out all other distractions. Whether that distraction is pain, an itch or even thoughts of everything else but moving into that pose.

A gratitude mantra can assist anybody to focus and concentrate on the good things happening. It can be something super simple that you repeat throughout the day, or it could be more complex, to help guide you to your goals.



What I think Today will Determine my Happiness Tomorrow - Gratitude Mantras - All Free Thank You Notes
Right Now I am Grateful and Happy - 7 Gratitude Mantras - All Free Thank You Notes

What does Mantra Mean?

The word mantra comes from two words in Sanskrit: man and tra. It has been defined as a word or sound with special spiritual power. The most common mantras you hear people say are prayers, such as Om, which many yogis use to help them concentrate during meditation.

However, you can also define a mantra as any positive phrase or thought that has meaning for you and helps elevate your mood and make you feel happier. This is why we like mantras—they can help remind us of all we have to be thankful for.


Today Right Now It is OK to Feel Great - Gratitude Mantras - All Free Thank You notes
Whatever Happens Happens for a Reason - Gratitude Mantras - All Free Thank You Notes

What is Gratitude?

A gratitude mantra is a simple phrase or word that you repeat over and over again. The goal of repeating it is to help you pay attention to what’s going well in your life. This can be helpful when facing problems, overcoming obstacles, or just getting through a difficult time. When you practice focusing on all that is good in your life, it can have powerful effects on your mind and body, helping you feel better.

This includes reduced stress levels, stronger immune system response, decreased anxiety and depression symptoms, higher energy levels, increased happiness levels—even pain relief!

Because there are so many great benefits of practicing gratitude, why do I need one? Because practicing thankfulness takes work! If it was easy to focus on all that is good in our lives we would probably already be doing it. Like other aspects of living consciously (meditation for example), simply trying harder isn’t enough; you need structure too.

Having a specific tool like a mantra makes it easier to remember throughout your day (which will become more important as time goes by). You also want to make sure your practices aren’t adding undue stress—which happens if you take perfectionism too far.



My past does not equal my future - gratitude mantras - All Free Thank You Notes
7 Gratitude Mantras to Live By - All Free Thank You Notes

Living a Calm and Grateful Life

Calm your mind and bring your thoughts back to where they should be with one of these gratitude mantras. Whether you repeat them silently in your head or speak them aloud, they’ll help you focus on what’s important, such as family and friends. Be thankful for these people—they love you through thick and thin.

And don’t forget about things like water and food, both of which can seem so commonplace we take them for granted every day. Gratitude mantras: daily inspiration