Who are considered ‘essential’ workers?

When the coronavirus affected the world in 2020, businesses had to come to a temporary close in an effort to prevent its spread. While everyone would argue that they are ‘essential’ workers of their own, the Australian government has ultimately listed down jobs that are deemed important in the ongoing pandemic. 

An essential worker is an employee who performs jobs that involve the livelihood, protection and safety of human lives and property.

Other services and occupations are as follows:

  • Healthcare – Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical researchers, social workers, caregivers, funeral home and cemetery workers, hospital and laboratory staff 
  • Emergency Services – Paramedics, ambulance drivers, police officers, firefighters, 000 Call Center employees
  • Food – Butchers, grocers, farmers, food manufacturing workers, cafeteria staff, supermarket and convenience store workers
  • Utility – Workers in petrol stations and in industries involving power, fuel and water
  • Transportation and Logistics – Delivery drivers, garbage truck drivers, cargo truck drivers, postal services, maintenance and repair technicians, mass transport drivers, dispatchers
  • Public Work – Centrelink call center operators, prison and probation workers, legal workers, workers in public facilities, trades workers
  • Education and Childcare – Teachers, childcare providers, social workers
  • Media – Journalists, broadcasters, news staff
2020 - The Year We Redefined 'Essential Workers'

How can I do my part in supporting Australia’s frontliners?

The best way to support essential workers and keep them safe during the COVID-19 crisis is to go out only when you really need toStay in your homes, practice social distancing, and wear face shields. Some other preventive measures include adjusting work arrangements and daily sanitisation.

While none of these preventive measures guarantee 100% protection against the virus, it is better than not risking anything at all.

Here’s Another Way To Help

As frontliners, they are more exposed to the virus than we are. While you are staying at home, try spreading the word around on social media about how great they are. Message them directly, even! Thank them for always putting us first. Our website is filled with thank you notes to make your messages more creative and attractive. It’ll surely bring a smile to their faces.


2020 - The Year We Redefined 'Essential Workers'